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The Kickbutt Students Club

You know what you need to do, but you're just not doing it.

Come join the club and I'll keep you accountable and help you stay on track with your studies.

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Here's what you get:

FIVE x weekly virtual Study With Me sessions

FIVE times a week I'll run a 1-1.5 hour virtual study session where you can study alongside me and the rest of your kickbutt student pals

Boost your focus with coach-led study sessions

You'll boost your motivation and whizz through your to-do list in awesome virtual company #screwyousocialdistancing

To enable everyone to attend at least one of the sessions, I will vary the days and times to include weekdays and weekends and mornings, afternoons and evenings.

Weekly accountability emails

Every Monday, you'll get a short email prompting you to create a study plan for the week which you can share with me for feedback

Every Thursday, I'll email you and check in on your progress. If you're feeling stuck or stressed or overwhelmed, let me know and I'll help you get moving again

Every Sunday, you'll get a short email prompting you to wrap up the week. This is your time to celebrate your wins and reflect on what you could do to make next week even more fantastic.

Private Members Only Facebook Group

Weekly accountability posts to create realistic study plans

Ask me any and all your study questions. Need a pep talk? Struggling to stay focused? Stuck on an upcoming essay question? I can help.

Strategies, tips and resources to help you create solid study routines to manage your time, stay motivated and boost your productivity - even in a busy house!

Prompts and simple exercises to strengthen your mindset, reduce your overwhelm and anxiety, cope with uncertainty and boost your positivity

Posts to share your wins + progress to keep your motivation high

Communicate with like-minded awesome students who understand what you're going through.

Library of strategies and resources

Printables, worksheets and video/audio trainings to boost your confidence, make your studying life easier and help you complete your tasks faster so you have more time for relaxing

The study skills trainings and resources will cover: productivity, organisation, motivation, mindset, note taking, essay writing and exam revision.

Members only 24/7 virtual study room

You'll have access to a 'Zoom room' to host your own virtual study sessions with other club members

Simply post in the Facebook group anytime to see if another student's around to hop in and study with you

Keep your motivation and focus high throughout the week and feel less alone as you study at home.